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1. Adopting, assisting, and surrounding the investors in the various stages of carrying out their projects. This assistance starts with the detection of the project ideas, the preparation of the project files and the completion of  financial and economic studies. It then goes through the follow-up of the project’s financing by the banks and the other various financial institutions. It eventually reaches the stage of the accomplishment of the project and then to that of the actual production.

2. Facilitating the procedures for the benefit of the investors by assembling the departments and the services which would intervene for their support and supervision through the creation of the Unique Window, seated at the Office. Such proceedings would allow the investors to obtain their authorizations and consents, and to establish their firms in the least of time possible.

3. Gathering and providing investors with the necessary economic information, through the establishment of the Regional Centre for Information. Such information are exploited and developed through the internal network and internet.

4. Studying the available resources, determining the promising sectors, detecting the project ideas, and putting them within the reach of investors and businessmen.

5. Intensifying people’s awareness about the importance of the available resources and investment opportunities, by organizing conferences and partnership encounters.

6. Preparing the projects files, making the technical and economic studies, using computer programs and internet, ensuring the follow-up of the projects at the authorities of consent and the financing institutions, and assisting them to overcome any hindering obstacles.

8. Adopting the national approach in preparing and following-up the development schemes, contributing to their improvement, and assisting the regional authorities in the various necessary stages for that.


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