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The Tunisian Government Portal Regional Initiative for Support to Sustainable Development Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation
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 Minitry of  Regional Development and Planning 

The Tunisian Government Portal  

Investment portal 

National Statistics Institute.(INS)

Rerional Development General Commission( C.G.D.R)

 Institute Of Competitiveniss And Quantitative Studies (I.E.Q)

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (F.I.P.A)

Office Of Development Of  The West North (O.D.N.O)

Office Of  Development Of The West Center (O.D.C.O)

Industry Promotion Agency (A.P.I)

Agricultural Investment   Promotion Agency (A.P.I.A)

Observatoire National de l'Agriculture (ONAGRI)

Zarsis Park Of Economic Activities

Export Promotion Center (CEPEX)

Institut des Régions Arides

The Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation


National Office of Mines


National Institute for  Standardization and Industrial Property


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


University of Gafsa


University of Gabes


University of Sfax


University of Sousse


University of Tunis El Manar


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The Southern Development Office (ODS)
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